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Room Hire: Your Creative Space for Memorable Events!

Looking for a perfect venue to host your next event? Look no further! Southlands Arts offers a range of beautifully appointed rooms available for rent to suit all your needs. Whether you’re planning a corporate meeting, a glamorous photoshoot, a lively family party, or any other special occasion, our versatile spaces are ready to bring your vision to life.

Meeting Rooms

Based in West Drayton, West London Southlands is ideal for business meetings, presentations, and brainstorming sessions for remote workers or people wanting to get out of the office for a more interesting creative atmosphere.

The Picture-Perfect Photo Studio/Location Hire

A local photographer’s dream, rent studio space for photoshoots of all kinds. With ample natural light and room for your own studio lights & equipment – it provides the perfect canvas to capture stunning images. Located in West Drayton with easy access from across Hillingdon  & West London.

Celebration Room Hire

Hosting a family party or children’s birthday party in West Drayton? This warm and inviting space is perfect for creating cherished memories. Decorate it as you like (within reason), and our friendly staff will ensure your event is a success.

The Creative Workshop Hub

Whether you’re conducting an art class, a cooking workshop, or a team-building activity, this room is a hub for creativity and collaboration. It’s well-equipped with supplies and resources to support your event.

Talks: The Thoughtful Talk Space

For informative talks, lectures, and seminars, this room offers a comfortable environment where your audience can engage with your message fully. The seating can be adjusted to accommodate different layouts and group sizes.

The Inspiring Exhibition Gallery

Calling all artists and curators! Showcase your work in this elegant gallery space in West Drayton, West London. With lighting and adjustable display areas, your art will truly shine and captivate visitors.

Book & Album Launches

Launch your latest literary masterpiece or musical creation in style. This inspiring listed building in the heart of West London provides an intimate setting for your audience to connect with your art on a personal level.


Album Launches


Art Exhibitions


Book Launches


Children’s Birthday Parties


Family Parties










Free Parking

Why Choose Southlands Arts?

Prime Location – Situated in West Drayton, West London, Southlands Arts is easily accessible, and yet seemingly in its own oasis of countryside – making it convenient for your guests to attend your event and enjoy the unique setting at the same time.

Versatile Spaces – Our rooms are designed to cater to a variety of events, making them adaptable to your specific requirements.

Competitive Pricing – We offer competitive rates for all room hire and event types.

Ambience – Our venue boasts an inviting and creative ambience, from the walled gardens to the rooms themselves – creating the perfect backdrop for any event.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to host your event at Southlands Arts. Contact us now to book your preferred room and make your occasion a memorable one. Let’s create unforgettable moments together!

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