Art Exhibition Autumn 2016

by | Art

Artist desk brushes jars

We had the pleasure of exhibiting 265 artworks at our art exhibition this Autumn and has been as colourful as the leaves that have fallen off the trees. Featured artists such as Barbara Forster who has a great eye for colour and paints with a hint of the classics. Johnny Popkess brings a bit of elegance with his wonderful style, “A Splash of blue paint” was a personal favourite of mine. And a blessing to see new exhibitor Jacob Bennet’s wonderful creations on our walls this year. It was great to see Richard Monkhouse’s “Cliveden Rosebed”, painted with such a lovely loose style.

Below are just a small sample of work from our exhibition.  We ask you not to copy the images on our site without permission from Southlands and the artists.  Please respect the artist’s rights.