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Data Protection and Privacy Policy

Yiewsley & West Drayton Arts Council

At Yiewsley & West Drayton Arts Council (YWDAC) and Southlands Arts Centre (SAC), we take care to protect and respect any personal data you choose to share with us.

We recognise the need to regulate the processing of personal data and keeping it safe. We ensure that all our employees, members, volunteers and those involved with the YWDAC and SAC activities recognise the risks involved when dealing with such information and fully understand the steps that are taken in order to keep all our contacts protected and minimise risks.

We will never release your personal information to organisations outside of YWDAC and SAC for their use and/or marketing purposes.

Personal data is held with the following rights for everyone and YWDAC and SAC will always ensure you will be fully informed to how data is being kept and give you access to your personal data as and when required:

  • Right to be informed that data is being kept
  • Right of access to that data
  • Right to rectification
  • Right to erasure
  • Right to restrict processing
  • Right to data portability

If you feel there is a problem in the way we look after your personal information you should contact the Centre Manager by phone or by email (Tel: 01895 441936 / mb: 07483 301856 / 

We will update your data being held on a regular basis to ensure it is accurate and current. 

It is your responsibility to ensure that any changes or removal of details are communicated to YWDAC via the contact details above as soon as is possible. 

What information is kept and how

We take care to safeguard your personal information through secure systems and governance policies. We only hold information that we deem necessary for the running and managing of Southlands Arts Centre and its associated events. Personal details such as names, addresses and contact details provided are kept secure. Information that you have knowingly provided through forms, the Southlands website, via email, phone, on social media, through ticket purchases or at any of the Southlands Arts Centre events are held securely.

YWDAC and those associated with Southlands Arts Centre (this includes SouthlandsLIVE, Southlands Arts Exhibition and Southlands Christmas Fair) ensure that all personal data is maintained, kept safe and only used within the context of Southlands Arts Centre, its committee members, group members, volunteers, participants at events or contributing to its management or events, associates, contractors, local councillors and wider community members.

Personal data will only be retained for the maximum period necessary (whilst you are in contact with us or 6 years, whatever is the maximum length).

Personal Data held in any format and on any of our electronic devices complies with this Policy. It is our responsibility to ensure that reasonable measures are taken to ensure the security of information contained within them.  Such measures include keeping equipment in a lockable location when not in use and/or using password protection.

We understand that a breach of the data protection regulations or failure to adhere to YWDAC’s policies could have serious repercussions for YWDAC and for anyone else responsible.  It may also be treated as a serious matter and may result in the termination of employment or use of Southlands Arts Centre.  

If anyone becomes aware of any breech of the regulations it must be brought to the attention of the Centre Manager immediately. 

Anyone having access to or are responsible for collecting personal information that relates to any of YWDAC’s clients or employees or site users, must strictly adhere to the above guidelines.

YWDAC will hold details pertinent to employment or use of the premises, or to publicise activities and events on file as part of its records. Information may be processed for administrative or legal purposes or as required by continued employment or use of the premises. This may include passing certain related data to third parties if legally required to do so. Personal data may also be used in emergency situations, to protect the legal interests and other rights of YWDAC or in other situations where an individual has consented to the disclosure of such information. 

1. How we collect personal information about you

We may collect personal information from you when you contact or interact with us. For example, you may enquire about our groups, register for our newsletter, attend any of our events, purchase a ticket or request a copy of our programme. It could be when you phone us, go onto our website, contact us by email, or meet us at an event.

2. How do we use personal information?

We may use your personal information to:

  • Keep in touch with you to share news and insights into our activities
  • Send you important administrative messages for use of the Centre.
  • Provide you with information about our future plans.
  • Enable us to contact you. Any personal information you share with us will only be used for the purposes for which you shared it.


We may need to disclose your information if required to do so by law (for example, to comply with applicable laws, regulations and codes of practice or in response to a valid request from a competent authority).

3. Who sees your personal information?

Your personal information may be used by our staff, volunteers, Trustees and Committee members so that we can contact you about our work (with your permission), or improve the way that Southlands, our events, our website and resources work for you.

We may share your information with trusted organisations that work with us or on our behalf to deliver our services, for example, our website provider or the local authority. This will only be for specific data processing purposes, carried out under strict restrictions about how your data is processed. We will never sell or share your personal data, or information on your use of our websites, with other organisations for their marketing purposes.

4. Your information security

It is important to us that you know your data is secure.

We have the appropriate systems in place to safeguard your personal information, whether it’s data we keep securely online, in electronic form, or on paper in our office. You can be assured that your data is protected from improper access, inappropriate changes, or loss. We only keep it as long as is necessary (for example, whilst you continue to attend an art class or event).

Our website may contain links to external sites. We will only link to sites which we believe share and meet our privacy standards. However, we are not responsible for the content or the privacy practices employed by other sites.

Debit or credit card details which we receive on our website to complete ticket purchases or payments are passed securely to our payment processing partners Eventbrite, according to the Payment Card Industry Security Standards.

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