Southlands Arts 2024 Art Calendar


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Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of local artistry with the Southlands Arts 2024 Art Calendar! This exclusive calendar showcases the cream of the crop from the renowned 2023 Autumn Art Exhibition. Each month, you'll be greeted by a stunning, full-page artwork meticulously selected based on the votes of gallery visitors like yourself. This signifies the people's choice and elevates the hidden gems of our local art community.

Every page of this calendar is a journey through diverse artistic expressions, celebrating the unique talents that thrive within our community. The calendar is thoughtfully designed to serve as a visual delight and a functional piece of art. Its high-quality print ensures that each artwork's intricate details and vibrant colours are vividly preserved.

We hope you discover your new favourite artist that will keep you returning and enjoying Southlands art exhibitions for years to come.

By purchasing this calendar, you're doing more than just owning a piece of local artistry. You're actively contributing to a noble cause. Proceeds from the calendar sales will go towards our charity, supporting initiatives that nurture artistic expression and creativity in the local community and providing platforms for creative expression.

Your support for the Southlands Arts 2024 Art Calendar is not just an investment in a product; it's an investment in our community's cultural richness and the future of local art. We hope this calendar becomes a cherished part of your daily life and an inspiration for the year ahead.

Join us in this artistic journey and make the Southlands Arts 2024 Art Calendar a thriving tradition, paving the way for annual editions that continue to celebrate and uplift local artists and their incredible work.

Please note, we can only send up to three items for £5. So please discuss with us first if you would like a bulk order delivered.


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