Lambs by Nina Bigg

The 2017 Spring Exhibition brought 234 works of art to our centre, by 55 exhibitors.  Again we saw a wealth of talent hanging on our walls.  Malcolm D’Souza brought us a the classical feel that comes with oil paintings, the colouring in “Venus of Urbino (after Titian)” was wonderfully vibrant.  Thomas T Timson exhibits with us again, displaying his versatility of styles.  And the likes of Susan Bull, bringing us the softer side of art with her gorgeous watercolor of “Mr Snooty” and “Perfect Percy”.  So many works of art by so many talented individuals, however, I like to add, it was good to see Janet Marshall exhibiting again after a short break.

Below are just a small sample of work from our exhibition.  We ask you not copy the images on our site without permission from Southlands and the artists.  Please respect the artists rights.

Well Armed
By Johnny Popkess

Painted Coffee pot
by Sharon Wolf.

Gautana Buddah (serenity)
by Neeru Rathour

King Fisher
By Thomas T Timson

Full vase
by Joan LeSurf.

“Just Sparring”
by Mrs Pamela Smith.

Blooming lilies by Shaz

Yee-Ha! dancing Dawgs
by Edwin Cripps.

Landscape ll
by Pete Stacey

by Nina Bigg

Glamour Puss
by Sharon Wolf.

by Bernadette Collins

Sleeping spirit
by Jar Dunn

Love Spoons
by Arthur Rooks

Bird lidded pot
by Alan Sexton

Proud Cook
by Isabel Hunt

Candle light
by Joan LeSurf.

Venus of Urbino (after Titian)
By Malcolm D’Souza

by Janet Marshal

Mr Snooty
by Susan Bull.

Tulip time
by Joy Hammond.

Colour jungle
painting by Jack

Chatting on the porch
by Mr John David Breakspeare.

At the gallop
by Paul F Austin

Untitled by John Wilcox

Peeping round
by Nina Bigg

Oswald Pootle, a very weird gentleman
by Edwin Cripps

Perfect Percy
by Susan Bull

by Jacob Bennett

Majestic Lake
By Shaz

Renovation of “Vililant”
By Stan Wells

by Jill Broad

Party Girls
by George Clempson

by Betty Burton.

Still life
by Janet Marshall

Flowers in bloom
by Joan LeSurf

Child with cat
by Bernadette Collins

by George Clempso

by Paul F Austin

Abstract 1 by Andrew Welding

6.5″ Shallow bowl made from Burr oak
by Arthur Rooks.

Grey Sgraffitto ceramic
by Alan Sexton

by Nina Bigg

Deeper thoughts
by Thomas T Timson

Medfici Family (after Bronzino)
by Malcolm D’Souza