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Photography at Southlands Arts
Southlands Photography Group - Portraiture Workshop
One year on, and our Photography Group has shaped up pretty well. We did a number of workshops and assignments last year, such as SouthlandsLIVE, BigFest, a Halloween Production, Christmas Craft Fayre, And a product shoot to name a few. All good practise for club members.

Our Portraiture Workshop, an overview.

The workshop was designed to give members of the group a studio experience. Using Lastolite collapsible backgrounds and Elinchrom BRXi 500 studio lights we setup the studio in the long room. We created different lighting setups using Softboxes, Strip boxes and Beauty dish.

During the workshop we discussed the use of Light Meters and used them to measure both ambient and flash lighting for each setup ensuring that we achieved the correct exposure. One of the hardest thing that most photographers find when starting working with models/people os directing them so although we had a professional model on set we concentrated on trying to communicate direction to her so that the photographers became more at ease. The four hour workshop flew by and the members that attended provided positive feedback and also commented that although they would not be setting up their own studio they could take away the knowledge learned o the day and apply it to their everyday photography.

Needless to say, we are lucky enough to have a bunch of talented people in our Photography Club. You can view some of their work/sites here.
Alan D West
Specialise in Wedding Photography and Portraiture.
Derrick Bradfield
Specialise in Fine Art Photography
Valerie Borrell
View my flickr account
Specialise in Nature Photography.
Frazer Fenton
Adventures in Photography (FB Page)
Specialise in Sunsets and Nature Photography
Rehan Wasti
Random Creative
Chris Allum
specialises in natural, spontaneous wedding, portrait and lifestyle photography
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