The West London Photo Exhibition launched at Southlands Arts Centre in 2015.

We were proud have showcase a mixture of professional and enthusiast photographers in our exhibitions. It was exciting to see the mix of photo styles hanging on the walls.  We were  surprised by the good attendance throughout the week, and clearly that demonstrated that a Photo Exhibition was just what Southlands Arts needed.

Below are just a sample of some photos from this exhibition.

Clown by Rory Hassett

by Rory Hassett

South African Butterfly
by Val Borrell

by Anique Bazil

Godfreys Dad
by Alan D West

Bird watch
by Anique Bazil

Have a banana
by Tom Butler

Pfeiffer State Beach
By Leander Garrard Harve

Frazer Fenton All Saints Bisham

All Saints Church, Bisham
by Frazer Fenton

Barley by Chris Allum

By Chris Allum

Take-off by Rory Hassett

Take off
by Rory Hassett

Decoration by Kyle Fenton

by Kyle Fenton

Val Borrell

Mishnish Lochs, Mull
by Val Borrell

Lotties Lunch
by Chris Allum

Missing you
by Rory Hassett

Turbulence by Hoi Man

by Hoi Man

Who’s that girl
by Rory Hassett

Gate House
by Chris Allum

Rana Ojos Rojos
by Tom Butler


by George Garrett

Baby in hands
by Chris Allum

by Hoi Man

Rich Coast
by Tom Butler

On guard
by Leander Garrard

From Russia with love 

by Rory Hassett

The Closes
by Chris Allum

Copyright for these images belong to the artists. Please respect their rights. If you are interested in any of the work shown, please email, and we’ll be happy to forward your enquiry.