Autumn of 2018 brought an art explosion to Southlands Arts Centre, with 257 works of art on display. The variety and quality of works submitted were again outstanding.  We are very lucky to have regular and wonderful artists.

We had an interesting addition from Tony Sandell this year, who submitted digital art in the form of Arthur (Thats Arthur Rooks, one of the curator at Southlands Arts Centre), which was certainly a talking point. Again,  Bernadette Collins brings her free and playful style for ‘Spaniel’, and ‘A tea Dance’.  Pete Goffin, capturing wonderful expressions in his animal paintings, never to disappoint.  ‘Siamese sweethearts’ was a wonderfully painted acrylic, by Hazel Spink, and a pleasure to admire the detail.

Below are just a small sample of work from our exhibition.  We ask you not copy the images on our site without permission from Southlands and the artists. Please respect the artists rights.

The Interchange – Camden
by Linda Harvey.

Cis Head
by Andrew Welding

Who’s that mum
by Peter Goffin

Cut flowers
by Joan Le’Surf (Flynn)

Michelangelo’s statue
by Malcolm D’Souza

By Pete Goffin

Harvest Sunset
by Peter Hopper

Afrique show 1
by Frank Moore

by Pete Stacey

by Gillian Gordon

Pointillist Lilac 2
By Pat Tarrant

by Paul Tinklin

The Journey Ahead
by Linda Havey

Tabby Cat
by Hazel Spink.

by Lisa Tompkins

Stay close to me
by Pete Goffin

The Bubbas, the Bubbas!
by Edwin Cripps

by Thomas T Timson.

Hedgehogs with pots
by Claire Allan

Caribbean beach huts
by Linda Harvey

by Barry Patchin.

Missy mouse’s garden
by Jose Cook.

All rolled up
by C Hale (nee Fawcett).

Elvis Presley
by Valerie A James.

by Jane Guntrip.

The Pink Tree
by Anne Whitelock (Dixon)

Pick up a Penguin
by John Breakspeare.

Community Angel
by Frazer Fenton

Decorated Fish Bowl
by Tessa Buckley.

Enigma Variations
by Jane Guntrip.

Siamese sweethearts
by Hazel Spink

by Julia O’Sullivan.

by Roy

Native American, bronze resin
by Matt Lambert.

by Bernadette Collins.

Turquoise sneakers
by Lisa Tompkins

Poppies with bee
by Sharon Wolf.

by Paul Tinklin.

The Dream
by Linda Harvey.

Three boats at Beer

by Linda Harvey.

The Tweek is coming
by Edwin Cripps.

by Tony Sandell.

Roses Tissue box
by Sharon Wolf.

Mill Stream Cottages
by Gillian Gordon.

by Edwin Cripps.

by George Wilcox.

by Thomas T Timson.

by Frazer Fenton

by Nina Bigg.

Greek Odyssey
by Peter Hopper.

Tony Sandell

by Tony Sandell.

E Forrester
by Anne Whitelock.

Xmas Star
by Linda Hanlon.

by Nina Bigg.

At rest
by Jane Guntrip.