Welsh hills by Andrew Welding

We have been holding art exhibitions for over 50 years.  And are always overwhelmed with the variation and quality of art submitted, from oils, acrylics, watercolour and mixed media.  We are proud to showcase a mixture of professional and the art enthusiasts in our exhibitions.

This years exhibition has certainly presented some new classics for tomorrow. With Johnny Popkess and his wonderful style brought us the “The journalist” and “Reading between the lines”Edwin Cripps, continues to excite us, his art always receives some wonderful comments, and his painting “Bless” was the first painting to be sold from this exhibition.  Andrew Welding, who paints with such energy, gave us the E-type Jaguar.  I’m sure you’ll agree, all are the modern classics for tomorrow.

Please do not copy these images and respect the artists rights.

Orange vase of frutillas,
crayon by Joan LeSurf.

Wrapped in cotton,
oil by Johnny Popkess.

Iris, mixed media
by Maureen Collier.

Pongo, an acrylic
by Jose Cook.

Flowers on the beach,
acrylic by Paul Tinklin.

Grizzly, acrylic
by Rosemary Anderson.

The white house, Denham,
watercolour by Ray Kadwill.

Fading glory, acrylic
by Cherry Hammond.

Diwy dogs of the Dojo,
acrylic painting by Edwin Cripps

Clematis, acrylic
by Sharon Wolf.

When I see the evening sun. Mixed media by Barbara Forster.

Roger Mead Painter

Fishing boats at Cadgwith. pastel by Roger Mead.

Chinmayi Nath artist

Hidden emotions in purdah,
mixed media by Chinmayi Nath.

Bengal cat, a acrylic
by Frazer Fenton.

By the sea, a watercolour
by Mavis Butler.

Johnny Popkess artist

Finely balanced. acrylic by Johnny Popkess.

David Bowie, an oil painting by Frazer Fenton.

Woman in hat, acrylic
by Florence Richardson.

Just Joey roses, a watercolour by Margaret Batho.

Crafty, mixed media by C. Hale (nee Fawcett).

Beach stroll, alkyd by Barry G Patchin.

I only wanted one number, acrylic by Edwin Cripps.

Still life, acrylic
by Pete Stacey.

Lion, acrylic painting by Mrs Rosemary Anderson.

Love spoon, lovers knot made with cherry wood, by Arthur L Rooks.

Lynda Hanlon

Poinsettia table runner, patchwork by Lynda Hanlon.

Red Sales, acrylic by Edward Beakhouse.

Deep blue, acrylic by Frank Moore.

Peter Goffin artist

Winter comes to Ullswater, oil by Pete Goffin.

Southend beach, palm leaf etching by Chinmayi Nath.

Bernadette Collins Southlands Arts Exhibition

Child playing violin, charcoal
by Bernadette Collins.

Johnny Popkess artist

Reading between the lines, oil by Johnny Popkess.

Thomas T Timson artist

Leader, acrylic by
Thomas T Timson.

Antoinette James.

Still life-crockery, oil painting
by Antoinette James.

Blue drip bowl, ceramic
by Avril James.

Now that your rose is in Bloom, mixed media by Barbra Forster

Tripod trinket bowl, sycamore,
by Arthur L Rooks.

Elephants, an oil
painting by Nina Bigg

Riverside, an Acrylic by
Frank Moore.

Flora I, a watercolour
by Ray Kadwill.

Remain, acrylic
by Pete Stacey.

A ploughman’s lunch, acrylic
by Peter Goffin.

Andrew Welding artist Southlands Arts Exhibition

E-Type Jaguar, oil painting
by Andrew Welding.

Karen Mead artist

Ready for the off, watercolour
by Karen Mead.

Anna McNeill artist

Neurones, acrylic
by Anna McNeill.

Mavis Butler artist

Fly away butterfly, watercolour
by Mavis Butler.

Janet Marshall artist

Serenity, oil painting
by Janet Marshall.

Wild landscape, acrylic
by F. Richardson.

Alan Sexton.

Salt/sugar pot, ceramic
by Alan Sexton.

The journalist, oil
by Johny Popkess.

Waking up, pastel by
Rosemary Anderson.

Millstream cottages, watercolour
by Gillian Gordon.

Best in show, a watercolour
by Bernice Bew.

Mother Earth, mixed media
by Barbra Forster.

Autumn Joys, watercolour
by Mrs Pamela Smith.

Bob Marley, acrylic
by Frazer Fenton.

Advent calandar, patchwork
by Lynda Hanlon.

Artemisia Gentileschi, oil
painting by Malcolm D’Souza.

Anna McNeill

Rising tides, acrylic
by Anna McNeill.

Unconditional love, acrylic by Neeru Rathour.

Microforest, Oil painting
by Andrew Welding.

Anger, acrylic
by Paul Tinklin.

My favourite plate,
ceramic by Avril James.

Low tide, Pin Mill, a pastel
by Roger Mead.

Bless, acrylic
by Edwin Cripps.

Roses, watercolour
by Alysia Hunt.

Inner loss (Self portrait), oil
ainting by Maclom D’Souza.

Palamino, acrylic by Sharon Wolf.

Low tide, acrylic by
Edward Beakhouse.

4 patch pinwheel cushion cover,
textile by P A Tarrant.

Ray Kadwill artist

Snowy Denham Village, watercolour
by Ray Kadwill.

Somewhere in China, acrylic
by Jose Cook.

Crystal pier, acrylic
by Frank Moore.

My Friend by Barbara Forster

My Friend, mixed media
by Barbara Forster.

Riot of colour, oil
by George Clempson.

Still Life flowers, oil
by Andrew Welding.

Windmill, oil
by Nina Bigg.

Forest surprise, acrylic
by Kate Bull.

Sgraffitto butterfly pot,
ceramic by Alan Sexton.

The Giles family, mixed media
by Chinmayi Nath.

A study copy of Anthony Van Dyck’s (1599-1641) “Portrait of Hendrik Van Balen”
by Malcolm D’Souza.

Autumn fruit, watercolour
by Cherry Hammond.

David beckham, mixed media
by Yatish Nath.

Marbles, mixed media
by C Hale (nee Fawcett).

Vitis vinfera “Brandt”, watercolour
by Alysia Hunt.

Penguin table runner,
patchwork by Lynda Hanlon.

Coffee pot and creamer set,
mixed media by Sharon Wolf.

Peter Goffin artist

A glass or two, acrylic
by Peter Goffin.

This is London, oil
by Peter Goffin.

Dinosaur cushion cover,
textile by PA Tarrant.

Oil by Andrew Welding.

Connie Woolsey artist

Cherry Blossom,
by Connie Woolsey.